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Innocent maidens ♥'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Innocent maidens ♥

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Bliss [17 Nov 2009|07:01pm]

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[18 Oct 2009|10:51pm]

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Seshilu Kishimoto [14 Sep 2009|04:43pm]
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Chloë Agnew [05 Jul 2009|03:19am]

Chloë Agnew, a young Irish singer from the group Celtic Woman. She has the sweetest, most angelic voice---and the looks to match!

More beauty (20+ more pics)Collapse )

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here there be trolls... [17 Jun 2009|08:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

in response to the post below this; LMAO, WUT?!

1) i'm pretty sure no one a) mentioned your weight or b) gives a shit

2) correct, it does say "post pictures of yourself". however, your pictures had NOTHING to do with the theme of this community. they were more suited for a community dedicated to generic myspace camera whores.

3) jealous whores? thanks for the standard "i have no basis to be insulting you so i'll just say you're all jealous because CERTAINLY nothing can be wrong with ME" reply.

4) the user info also says "no personal nudes" which you had a bunch of. just so you know, it's not smart to quote parts of the rules which you think validate your ridiculous post, while ignoring the rules that you've broken. it makes you look like an idiot.

5) on the same basis as number 4, since you're so fond of quoting the user-info to support yourself, you may have wanted to notice the part where it says, "This is NOT a community that condones pedophilia or lolita complex". therefore, your jab about us "clinging onto an old russian man's identity of youth you probably never had" is irrelevant.

6) disabling comments is very mature.

kurara, wanna ban this one so we don't have to deal with her fuckery beyond this?

oh, and just a personal thing i wanted to say but didn't because i was being civil:
your makeup is fucking hideous. learn how to apply it properly before assaulting all of us with 57936million pictures of you looking like a kindergartner who decided to use a black crayon for eyeshadow.

i am dainty, but do not call all of the lovely girls in this community "jealous whores" because we don't love your shitty myspace pictures, and expect that nothing will be said in retaliation simply because you disabled comments on your post. good job being both immature AND cowardly!
now get the fuck off the internetz.

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hi! new here :3 [17 Jun 2009|12:14pm]

i weight 88 pounds
it said "post pictures of yourself, even"
i was introducing myself.
now i am leaving
youre all jealous whores
clinging onto an old russian man's identity of youth
you probably never had

alien symbols are fun [01 Jun 2009|02:24pm]

Hello! I am new, and I enjoyed the pictures on this community (which I found today). I have some pictures to contribute too, for your entertainment.

So follows a series of pictures of me vaguely facing toward the right. The triangular symbol is from the tragic Egrebirre line with their strange alien religion, (they aren't called Egrebirres on their planet--it's just the family name they use when they're pretending to be humans with humanish names).

As I got more colorful, I added blue-green eye shadow to the top half of my brow bone. but unfortunately/fortunately? you can hardly tell in the pictures.

moreCollapse )
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[24 Mar 2009|12:06am]

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♥Iekeliene Stange♥ [15 Mar 2009|12:04pm]


moreCollapse )
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Angel for Valenting [12 Feb 2009|07:12pm]


[13 Jan 2009|01:50am]


People just think I'm cute cause I look like I'm 12. haha :)
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[11 Jan 2009|08:30pm]


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:) [06 Jan 2009|11:58pm]

[ mood | Over something bigger here ]

I've been referred to as dainty before :). I think it's the way I dress personally.

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[01 Jan 2009|09:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hi there <3 I'm Kaiyy, I just joined. Wanted to share some random pics of myself. They're more or less in backwards chronological order, with the most recent ones first. Anyone who wants to friend me and/or chat is welcome to pm me. :)

moar pics under the cut <3Collapse )

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[18 Dec 2008|06:30pm]

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Under My Heart Shaped Glasses [12 Nov 2008|01:25am]


Well i have always been told that i look like a little girl. I am 25 this year but i feel 13
at heart and eternally like Alice. I am obsessed with dolly esque appearances and
metal...Please be easy on me as these pictures are not super professional.

Love and Gashes XoXoCollapse )
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wheeeee. [01 Nov 2008|06:22am]


A lot of people have told me I am doll-like. :)

I sing badly. :D

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Picnic At Hanging Rock [02 Oct 2008|11:54am]


Waiting a million years, just for us!Collapse )

I wish I could find better pictures, but the video should suffice. It's one of my favorite movies and one of the best examples of "dainty beauty." It's also a very good book, but it's hard to get a hold of.
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[18 Sep 2008|07:14pm]



[09 Sep 2008|08:11pm]

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